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I caught an STD

silouette of boy By the time I was sixteen I had slept with three girls, two in my class at school and one I had met on holiday. I didn't use condoms with any of them because, I said, I didn't like the way they felt, but the truth was more because they were so fiddly it was embarrassing to try and put them on and they didn't always fit comfortably.

The third girl I slept with was Carlie*. She was really pretty and we were dating for about six months. Then one day when we were messing around in my bedroom she said that she could feel a few lumps, nothing too big just near the base of my penis. I thought it was probably nothing but she insisted I went to see my doctor before she would sleep with me again. So I went.

My doctor said he thought he knew what they were but was sending me to the GUM clinic (the clinic that deals with sexual health) to make sure. It was really embarrassing when I went, I glanced around to make sure no-one could see me before I walked in the door and sat in the waiting room where five other young people sat nervously flicking through magazines - none of us made eye contact. Then the doctor called me in.

I had to drop my trousers and he examined me - its the first time I've ever let another man touch me and I hated it. He said that I had genital warts and it would be fairly easy to treat with liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen, if you've never had it, is like when they freeze the warts off - one short blast but my, was it painful! If you've ever touched an ice cube straight from the freezer you can imagine it - it feels like burning. Although it was quick I needed three further treatments in total.

The doctor explained to me that although the warts had gone I would be prone to further attacks because once you have the virus that causes them it stays in your body. He also said that I had to tell my partner to come for a check-up. I don't know whether Carlie gave it to me or not but one things for certain, she didn't want to see me again.

I guess I was lucky because I could have caught something worse. I had an HIV test and that was negative but it was enough of a scare to make sure that I always wear a condom now, and ones that fit properly from the family planning clinic. I have to check myself regularly but so far my warts haven't come back and I guess if I ever meet anyone serious enough to settle down and start a family with I'll have to come clean about my previous STD - just in case.

I found true love when my boyfriend dumped me for my best mate

I had been seeing James* for six months and thought we were happy. Everyone at College thought we were the perfect couple and he was so good looking I felt proud to be seen with him. The only problem was that my best mate Polly* couldn't stand him and was always telling me to dump him, he was a loser.

I always felt like I was in the middle and suggested we go out on a double date, me and James and her and her bloke, Luke*. Polly and James were frosty at first but after a few drinks and an evening of winding each other up they relaxed and seemed to get on better.

It was a real shock when three weeks later James texted me to say he was in love with someone else. I didn't believe it and in tears ran to Polly's flat to find her, but ran into Luke on the way. He stopped me and said I shouldn't go, he looked upset too. He took me for coffee and broke the awful news, that Polly and James had been seeing each other behind our backs for a few weeks. I was devastated.

I spent weeks crying and rang Luke a lot for support, because I couldn't turn to my best friend. I felt sick. I was so angry that they had done this to me. I felt like Luke was the only one that could understand. He began to spend a lot of time at my place just listening to me when I was feeling down. He said things like "you are beautiful" and "James must have been mad" but I thought he was just trying to make me feel good about myself.

Then one afternoon when we were just chilling in my room listening to CDs he put his arm round me and we kissed. For the first time I felt like someone really cared about me. It was tender and warm and just felt right. I realised that all that time I had spent crying over James I was getting closer to Luke and I had fallen in love with him.

This was three years ago and last month we got engaged. James and Polly split up after six months, he went off with someone else. I don't feel angry anymore, just sorry for them and thankful that they did what they did, because if they hadn't betrayed me I would never have met the love of my life.

I gave birth to my brother's baby

I fancied this boy, Ryan*, for ages. I was quite a shy girl and I never thought he'd ask me out. One day though, all of a sudden, he came up to me and started chatting. He was flirting really heavily and he shoved his hand down my top. Some part of me knew that was too far, but I didn't stop it.

Within the week we were going out. We weren't afraid of anything and he asked me to do lots of things, very bad things, but I never stopped him. When we'd been going out about two months he asked me to sleep with him. I was too scared to disagree, so I let him. I was only 14 at the time.

One day though, about six months after we'd been going out, I came home and my dad looked unusually excited. I asked him what was up, and he told me he'd just found out he had a child from his first marriage who was 15. Soon he was going to meet them, and I could come with him.

The same week Ryan took me to a party. We got drunk and slept together without contraception.

The next day my dad took me to meet my half brother. I'll never forget the moment I walked in and my dad said: "Zoe*, this is your half brother, Ryan."

All I remember after that is crying..crying and crying. But I missed my next two periods. I think a small part of me always knew that I was pregnant, but by the time I'd confirmed it it was too late for an abortion. I was really worried there would be something wrong with my baby because I'd read somewhere that if a brother and sister had a baby it would be born deformed. I would never give my baby up, so I gave birth to a baby girl. I was relieved to find she was perfectly OK. I named her Lucy.

I've never seen Ryan since the day I found out his identity. Dad still sees him, but he never found out I ever went out with him. Lucy* and I are very happy living with Mum and next month she'll have her first birthday.

From Zoe, 14, Wales

* Any names have been changed to protect the identity of those involved

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