Keeping it Casual

If you have just come out of a long term relationship you may not be ready for a serious committment, in which case these tips will help.


  • Be honest with other person, it is not fair to lead them on and you do not want a "bunny boiling" situation on your hands
  • Have safe sex, click here for further information on safe sex
  • Be respectful, even if the relationship is not serious or a one off encounter you should still be polite and courteous and treat them with the up most respect
  • Consider where you are dating, if you are hoping to keep things on a casual basis do you really want them bumping into your close friends and family?


  • Make promises that you don't intend to keep, for example that this might become serious in time if you know it is going nowhere
  • Ignore your instincts, if you worry that the other person is looking for more with you than you are prepared to give consider getting out of the relationship before they get hurt
  • Have a series of casual relationships on your own doorstep i.e. within a close-knit community, work place, place of education etc. If you do eventually find someone you want to settle down with you don't want constant reminders of your past encounters everywhere you go
  • Brag about it, by all means talk to your friends but respect the other person's feelings and remember that your reputation is at stake.this could affect future relationships