Breaking Up
If you are gay and breaking up with your partner you are pretty much going through the same as any heterosexual couple, however there are aspects of ending a gay relationship that may be difficult to deal with, for example:

  • Support Network - You could find out that you don't have a support network, i.e. friends, work colleagues and family available for you when you break up from a gay relationship. This could be because you are not out and open to everyone or because people such your parents do not accept your sexuality.

  • Legal Rights - The Civil Partnership Act now gives same sex couples some legal status when they register with a Civil Registrar. Civil Partners need to end the partnership with a court based process called dissolution unless one spouse dies. However, if you were simply living together you will not be recognised as a couple and have no legal rights to property or assets when you separate. Talk to a solicitor if you are unsure of your rights. Much of the information in our section on Divorce and Separation will still apply.

  • Moving On - Whether you are out sexually or not it still can be hard to meet new people. It is probably best not to rush into a serious relationship if you are still hurting - give yourself time and space. However, finding friends or even a casual relationship can be difficult, particularly if you are new to the gay scene or have been out of the singles scene for some time. Clubs, bars and the internet may seem obvious places to meet new people but don't limit yourself.

  • Safe Sex - Sexually transmitted diseases are something you may not have had to worry about for a while if you are coming out of a long-term relationship. Protect yourself with condoms and always have a regular test at your local GUM clinic. If you opt for an HIV test do it anonymously so it doesn't go on your medical record and therefore affect your life insurance.

For any issues you find it difficult to deal with you should get help. Don't bottle things up. Contact any of the organisations listed on our links page.