About Us
Who Are We?

Well, we're not solicitors, judges, social workers, psychologists or counsellors. We are people with a wide range of experience - been there, done it and got the t-shirt so to speak. Between us we've been married, got divorced, lost contact with children, become single parents, been screwed financially in the law courts, suffered bereavement, had our hearts broken more times than we care to remember and learnt to love again!

Through the course of our working history we have also acquired financial experience, dealt with casework, managed teenagers and their problems, child-minded, taught in schools, advised women on domestic violence and personal safety, campaigned for men's rights, studied as mature students, worked in a political office, managed a home and run a small business.

Here's a little more about us individually.

Tracey has been married and divorced twice. She was separated in 1997 after 7 years of marriage and 4 children later. It was an amicable split and she is still friends with her ex husband. Her second marriage lasted seven months, step family relationships causing the main problems.

She went to university as a single parent and spent several years fighting for the rights of women and mature students, before becoming a secondary school teacher. She now runs a web design company in the South East of England and has a long-term "live-out" partner giving her the best of being single and attached!

David was married for 12 years which ended in a lengthy and bitter divorce battle fought out through the law courts. After losing his house, savings and assets, three quarters of his income in maintenance and being left with over ?50,000 debt from his marriage he went bankrupt. He spent a further four years fighting to see his children and eventually gave up as it was clear the legal system was against him. He looks forward to the day his children are old enough to contact him and can understand what happened.

Paul is the itsfinished chef. He spent many years alone cooking for one on a tight budget following an acrimonious divorce. He has two grown up sons and is now happy with a new partner.

Elsie was widowed in her late twenties having lost her husband in a sudden accident some thirty-five years ago. She has since remarried and has two grown up children but still vividly recalls the trauma and experience of being a young widow.

Betty lost her husband to cancer ten years ago. Now retired she leads an active life and regularly socialises and goes on holiday as a single person. She also experienced the loss of her grandchildren after her son's wife stopped contact following their divorce, and regrets that they no longer contact her despite once having a close and loving relationship.

Christina is a teenager who, with support from friends, regularly updates the teen section of the website and has had much personal input having experienced the divorce of her parents a few years ago.

Jon writes the gay and lesbian section of the website. He has experienced first hand the emotional and practical problems encountered when finishing with a long-term partner of more than four years during which he experienced domestic violence. The problem, he says, is that few people treat gay couples as serious and finding someone to talk to can be difficult, even though the emotions involved in a break-up can be just as traumatic.

Eric is a divorcee who was shocked when his wife of nine years left him with his two young sons. Single and feeling unready to start another relationship, he is concentrating on his career and rebuilding his life with a network of close friends and family. He maintains regular contact with his two sons who live with his former wife and her new partner.

With special thanks to...
Sharon, a bereavement counsellor, for her advice and information; Paul Barsby Photography; The Minnis Pub in Birchington, Kent, for allowing us to take photographs inside; everyone who agreed to have their photo taken; Barrys Clipart Server for some images; Tudor for being such a Cad and inspiring me to write this site; & everyone who has contributed to the making of this website.