Mending a Broken Heart
  • Contact your friends
    Don't be alone when you first break up. If they are genuine friends they'll be there for you even if you lost touch during the relationship. Get out the photos, plenty of tissues and pour your heart out.
  • Grieve
    When you lose someone its natural to go through a grieving process. Give yourself time and space to work through your feelings and remember that time heals. Don't think it's the end of the line. Look around you at the people that have loved and lost and had happier times ahead.
  • Vent your feelings
    Don't bottle your feelings up, create an outlet for them. If your friends cannot be on hand when you need them talk to other people and vent your feelings in our forums. It might also help to keep a diary to record your thoughts and feelings or try art therapy: drawing, writing, painting or expressing your emotions through music.
  • Do not depend on alcohol and drugs
    Trying to ease emotional pain through alcohol or drugs will only numb your feelings and lengthen the grieving process. Depression is a known side effect of drugs and alcohol, so long term you will only feel worse.
  • Indulge yourself
    Try a hot soak in the bath, a massage, a holiday with friends, a new hairstyle or outfit...whatever makes you feel good about yourself. (However, make sure that you don't spend money that you don't have; break-ups can be financially expensive and drumming up a huge credit card bill will only make this worse!)
  • Keep your education/career on track
    Concentrating on these aspects of your life will help you to focus on the positive things in your life. Your qualifications and career will continue into the future long after your relationship has ended.
  • If it's over then get over it!
    Living with the hope that your ex will take you back will hold you back. If it's meant to be you and your partner will naturally sort things out, but be honest with yourself and move forward with your life.
  • Don't rush in on the rebound
    Rushing into another relationship or a series of casual relationships will only lead to more hurt. Only if you are completely over your ex will you be able to give your all to a new relationship and earn the respect that you deserve.
  • Realise that it's ok to be single
    You don't need another person to feel "complete". You are an individual in your own right and do not need the crutch of a relationship to survive. Single life has many advantages.
  • Set long term and short term goals
    Setting goals will help you to look forward. Do what you have always wanted to or try something completely new such as adult education or a new sport. Click here for ideas on how you can fill your life with meaning and purpose beyond a relationship.