When somebody dies there are a lot of practical considerations that often take precedence over the grieiving process. This can be helpful to remain focused and deal with any practical arrangements from the funeral to dealing with Will and Probate.

However, if there are family members involved then be aware that grief manifests itself in different ways and this may also be a time when tensions are running high. Try and be tolerant and allow others to express their grief in whichever way works for them: if you are argue or disagree try and be tolerant. In time issues will resolve themselves and sometimes focusing on practical issues is the only thing that keeps people going through the initial stages of grief.

The following articles outlines the practical arrangements you may have to deal with:

Register a Death

When someone dies there are practical arrangements to be made. For many people this can provide a useful focus and help them to cope in the initial weeks, whilst for others it can seem overwhelming. The following is a simple guide to registering a death and arranging a funeral in the UK.

The Funeral

Prior to the funeral the funeral director will take care of any arrangements to move the body from the hospital or final resting place to a Chapel of Rest, unless you have other specific requirements, e.g. to have the body at home for religious purposes. The funeral director will ask you to select items of clothing you would like your loved one laid to rest in and they will then arrange the body for viewing at the Chapel or Rest should any of the family wish to visit.

Will & Probate

When a person dies the nearest relative to the deceased should find out if there is a will. A will is a legal document drawn up and signed in the presence of witnesses which states what should happen to a person's estate after their death.

Finance & Tax

You may have relied on your partner to sort out the finances in the past or be used to budgeting for another person. In either case the sooner you adjust and sort out your financial situation, the least likely you are to run into problems.