A Fresh Start

It's not always easy to see the positives that can come out of the end of a relationship, especially when your emotions are still raw. However single life does has many advantages, not least of all in providing you with opportunity to make a fresh start and think about new and exciting opportunities to take your life forward.

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Singles Activities

Many people find themselves alone for different reasons whether through a relationship breakup or moving home, so establishing friendship groups later on in life need not be as difficult as you think... there are plenty of others out there in the same boat. There are also activities that are perfect for one taht will give an opportunity to rediscover yourself, afterall, it's easy to get lots in a relationship and lose connection with what once made you unique. See this as an opportunity to grow, learn and explore the new you. Below are some suggestions for social activities that are perfect for one.

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Returning to Work

Whether you have stayed at home to bring up children, look after a home or been unemployed for a number of years, returning to work can seem like a daunting prospect. Lack of qualifications and experience, advances in technology, childcare and the availability of suitable jobs may all be issues that concern you. However many people retrain and return to work successfully following a period of unemployment or domestic occupation. Here are some pointers to start you off on the right track.

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Adult Education

Many people decide to return to education later on in life and mature students (over 21 years of age) now make up approximately half of all students in the UK. It is important to remember that age is no barrier and some students at universities have begun their degrees well into retirement age. Consider what type of course will suit you and explore what funding is available. This will be largely dependent on whether you are considering Further or Higher Education.

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Eating for One

Eating for one is difficult because most supermarket packaging policies rarely cater for the single person, so you end up either eating TV microwave dinners every night, some of which are very good but all of which are very expensive, or eating from a tin or worse not eating at all.

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Personal Safety

Living alone, going out and dating for the first time in many years can be a daunting prospect. Although the chances of attack from a stranger are far less likely than you may think, it is important to take reasonable steps to protect yourself.

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Links for single people, single parents and practical advice on housing, debt and benefits

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