If you are suddenly having to manage a home as a single homeowner the idea of home maintenance, DIY and cleaning can be daunting, espcially if ytou have relied on someone other in the past.

Preventative Home Maintenance is best to ensure that you keep on top of everything, including:

  • Keep your house clean. Make sure that unnecessary dirt and grime does not cause unnecessary wear and tear on your furnishings and d?cor.
  • Check that smoke alarms work at least once a month 
  • Ensure that any pipes are insulated to prevent freezing and cracks in winter months - a plumber can check this for you 
  • Open your windows and allow your property to air on a daily basis. This will prevent condensation causing mildew and replacing stale air with fresh air 
  • Check the exterior of you property every three months. Look for cracks in the masonry, loose fittings e.g. the satellite dish, missing or loose roof tiles and signs of weathering on window sills and doors 
  • Every six months check your attic, garage and basement for signs of water leaks 
  • Look for signs of rodent activity, pay particular attention to the loft, behind cupboards and basements 
  • Have your gas boiler serviced by a registered Corgi engineer once a year 
  • Clean out gutters and clear the roof of debris annually 
  • If you have a real fire have your chimney swept at least every two years 
  • Touch up paint before it gets too bad as damp can get into the woodwork
  • Take proper safety precautions before carrying out any work - consult a DIY manual. Most DIY centers have project leaflets for the majority of jobs with advice on safety, tools and materials. If in any doubt call a professional out to do the work for you