If you are divorced, separated or bereaved you may be cautious about re-dating or have been out of the dating scene for some time and are not sure where to begin. Whatever your situation we have put together a quick How to Guide in the following pages to get you started, covering everything from meeting someone to introducing the children.

If you are hesitant about re-dating it might help to ask yourself the following questions before you proceed:

Are you ready?
Well meaning friends and relatives may hint or suggest that you need to meet someone but you should not feel pressured to date before you are ready. Understand that they have your best interests at heart but be firm and point out that it is your life.

Are you over your ex partner?
You could end up hurting others and yourself further if you assume that a new partner will help you get over your ex. It may bury any feelings temporarily but unresolved issues could affect your new relationship later on.

Do you feel guilty?
If you are bereaved you may feel that it is too soon or a betrayal of your partner. Consider what your partner wanted, it is unlikely that they would have wanted or expected you to be sad and lonely forever and you do have the rest of your life to live.

What type of relationship are you looking for?
If you are looking for a casual relationship be honest. You are an adult and have the right to enjoy yourself as long as anyone you are dating knows where they stand.

Are you about to repeat the same mistakes?
Don't dwell on the past but consider what you could learn from your last relationship. Do you need to change anything about yourself to make a relationship work? If your ex treated you badly maybe you should think carefully about the type of person you are attracted to - are you falling for the same type of people that hurt you over and over?

Dating should be an enjoyable experience and there is no reason why you should spend the rest of your life alone, so relax, enjoy and make the most of being free and single while it lasts.