Not a natural flirt? Don;t worry, it just takes practice - it's all in the eyes and body language.

  • Be confident and smile. Come across as the sort of person people want to know
  • Compliment others on their looks, smile, eyes, sense of humour. Build flattery into conversations with strangers, for example "you don't look old enough," but don;t go overboard.
  • Always be polite and never crude or offensive
  • Do not limit your flirting to social gatherings; make the most of every opportunity to engage in small talk whether it be at the bar or bus stop
  • Pay particular attention to your body language:
    * Keep your arms open and be inviting in your posture. Appear confident and at ease
    * Smile and toss back your head when you laugh
    * If you see someone you like make eye contact, look away quickly then turn back slowly and deliberately to catch their eye again
    * Stroke your hair, thigh, back or front of your neck, make them long to touch you too
    * Lick your lips subtly and teasingly play with long hair
    * When holding a conversation maintain eye contact and lean towards them showing that you are interested in them
    * Gently touch their arm or hand when telling them something
  • Concentrate on the person you are flirting with. Limit the "I" in the conversation and concentrate on "you" showing your interest in whatever they have to say. As the conversation moves on make the subtle switch to "we" suggesting a connection between the two of you, for example "how long have we been here" or "shall we have another drink". Using their first name will also suggest a developing intimacy.
  • Pick up the signals. Tune into someone else's body language and if it isn't happening cut your losses, make your excuses and end the conversation. If you are getting the green light be bold, ask for a date or a telephone number
  • Don't fear rejection, you may be turned down on some occasions but unless you ask you will never get what you desire.there will be plenty of other opportunities and consider that for every five rejections there will be one chance of success

Knowing if someone is on your wavelength

If you can answer yes to all of these questions the answer is probably yes:

  • Do they blush when you look at them?
  • Do they go out of their way to talk to you and engage you in conversation?
  • Do they smile at you a lot?
  • Do they keep 'accidentally bumping into you' or meeting you in unusual places?
  • Do they laugh at your jokes even when they're not funny?
  • Have they suggested that you might do something together like go for a drink after work?
  • Do they call you frequently for spurious reasons when they could easily have rung someone else?
  • Do they go out of their way to touch you or seem to flirt or tease with their body language?
  • Have you caught them looking at you across a room or making frequent eye contact?
  • Have you heard from friends or colleagues that they are interested in you?