Clubs and bars might be the most obvious choice of venue but consider carefully the type of relationship you are looking for. A noisy environment where people are under the influence of alcohol is not necessarily the best place to strike up a conversation particularly if you are looking for a meaningful relationship.

Many people now choose online dating sites. Our advice: go for it, but go in open minded. It's best to have the view that you are looking for friends and then if someone catches your attention, see where it goes.

You will meet people online who seem not to be genuine. Don't let this put you off. Everyone has their match, and it may just be that you weren't the one for them.

Other good places to meet people are:

  • Your local community, get involved in clubs and community events - you might be surprised to find the perfect partner living just around the corner! 
  • Hang out in places that interest you, for example art galleries, rock concerts, the opera, bookshops. It's a good way to meet people who share your interests and starting a conversation will be easier with a common topic of discussion 
  • Take up a hobby such as dancing or painting
  • Faith groups. Churches and other faith communities are often full of single people with varying degrees of religious commitment 
  • Adult education. Colleges are great places to meet people and many offer a choice of courses, both part and full time. If you are looking to meet someone of the opposite sex consider carefully the type of course you choose, a car mechanics course may not be the best way to meet women! 
  • Friends and family. Let friends and family know that you are looking. They may know someone in a similar situation 
  • Supermarkets, theatre queues, bus stops .make the most of every opportunity to meet people. Strike up a casual conversation and take it from there 
  • Singles clubs and holidays. Most holiday romances are just that, however, long distance relationships have been known to develop and singles clubs are ideal places to meet people