If you are looking for a serious relationship and have been dating for a while you may want to move the relationship on without scaring the other person off - so how can you be sure the other person shares your feelings before you try and take things further? Look out for the following positive signs:

  • You text and telephone each other between dates
  • You talk to each other about things that are happening in your everyday life such as work and family
  • You go out as a couple and close friends know that you are together
  • You have things in common and a similar sense of humour 
  • You do special things for each other, romantic gestures such as buying gifts and helping when the other is ill 
  • You make some plans together, for example trips away, and consult each other for advice when making some decisions that effect your individual lives
  • They make comments using emotive words like 'love' and 'special', for example, 'I love being with you,' 'I felt that last night was really special.' Listen to their verbal clues