You may have relied on your partner to sort out the finances in the past or be used to budgeting for another person. In either case the sooner you adjust and sort out your financial situation, the least likely you are to run into problems. The following steps will help:

Calculate your income and expenditure
Work out how much you have coming in and out every month.

Open a bank account
Set up Direct Debits to pay for your bills. Ring the companies involved for a form and send it back, they should do the rest. Check that the date any Direct Debits leave your account is close to the day after your money goes in as this will make budgeting much easier.

Ring utility companies and inform them if you have left the property
Ensure you ring the bank to cancel any Direct Debits that you are no longer obliged to pay. If you have a joint account, close it as soon as possible and split the money as you agree, the longer this is left the more likely it is to lead to dispute.

Don't borrow your way out of debt
Do not be tempted to approach companies offering unsecured loans with high interest rates. Such companies prey on people in difficult situations and you could end up in court if unable to meet the repayments. Seek help from an Independent Advisor before entering into any credit agreements.

Shop around
...for the best deals on utility services, financial services and insurance. Use comparison websites for good deals and try more than one comparison site as the deals vary. Take your time to read through the terms and conditions before signing up to a new service provider.

Remember that you are shopping for one adult
A small shop every couple of days may be better than a large monthly shop, and try small high street shops as you can often buy goods in smaller quantities, avoiding unnecessary waste. If you have friends that are single you could shop together to buy in bulk, saving money on multi-buys and special offers.