It's not always easy to see the positives that can come out of the end of a relationship, especially when your emotions are still raw. However single life does has many advantages, not least of all in providing you with opportunity to make a fresh start and think about new and exciting opportunities to take your life forward.

To move on you need first to remove any traces of the past that might be holding you back. Visit our Emotional Section for advice on Mending a Broken Heart.

Here are further tips to mark your new start:

Make a list of the advantages of being single, for example:

  • You have total control over the remote control
  • You can stay out as late as you like and don't need to ring to make excuses
  • You can cook what you like when you like and eat whatever you like
  • You can leave the washing up piling up for a few days and no-on will nag you to clear it up
  • You can read magazines whilst on the toilet and leave them all over the bathroom floor
  • You don't have to put up with dirty razors left in the sink, sanitary products everywhere in site or those annoying little dirty habits that drove you made

Spring clean your house

Get friends round and have a cleaning party or hire a firm to do it for you. A spring clean is always good for clearing the cobwebs - metaphorically and literally!

Contact old friends

..especially the ones your ex loathed and any family members they couldn't stand being in the same room as. Your life is your own now so fill it with people that make you happy and think you no longer have to be stuck in the middle - enjoy being one of the lads or the girls again for a while!

Make your home your own

If you shared a home with your former partner move your furniture around to the way you like it. Redecorate if you can afford it - a fresh lick of paint here and there, or buy new rugs, pictures and throws. Put your individual stamp on your home and mark it as yours.

Clear out your wardrobe

This should take at least a day if done properly. Be strict with your clear out, if it doesn't fit or you haven't worn it for at least six months - bin it! When you have a new slimmed down wardrobe arrange to have any suits, coats etc, dry-cleaned and use the occasion as an excuse to treat yourself to some new outfits.

Get fit

You'll feel better for it and ready to face anything life throws at you. exercise, join a gym or play sport. Eat healthily but avoid binge diets. If you need to loose weight contact your GP or click here for information on healthy eating.

Get a makeover

..and a new hairstyle to suit the new you. Look great on the outside and you'll feel confident and good about yourself on the inside.

Get out and try something new

Chuck out the TV set and get out of the house....try something you've always wanted to do but have always put off until tomorrow or an activity that's radically different from anything you did in the past.


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