Eating for one is difficult because most supermarket packaging policies rarely cater for the single person, so you end up either eating TV microwave dinners every night, some of which are very good but all of which are very expensive, or eating from a tin or worse not eating at all.

The local Chinese or Indian takeaway is often an invitation to escape the monotony of cooking for oneself and the inevitable washing up, but this too seriously damages your wage packet and the culmalative effect on your health may not be good.

Ideally you will need access to a freezer to maximise choice and variety and if you enjoy cooking, but not every single day and can read and can follow a simple recipe, instead of quartering the necessary ingredients, which makes the end result often look pathetic for just one meal, do the whole recipe as if for 4 and divide the contents up into equal portions, freezing the ones you don't plan on using immediately. Most recipes can be adapted for freezing purposes.

There are also some healthy options that are quick and easy such as baked potatoes, salad and roasted vegetables. Keeping bags of vegetables in the freezer that you can easily boil, bake or fry is an excellent idea.

If you have friends who are single, suggest meeting up with them regularly to share a meal, taking it in turns to cook.