Many people find themselves alone for different reasons whether through a relationship breakup or moving home, so establishing friendship groups later on in life need not be as difficult as you think... there are plenty of others out there in the same boat. There are also activities that are perfect for one taht will give an opportunity to rediscover yourself, afterall, it's easy to get lots in a relationship and lose connection with what once made you unique. See this as an opportunity to grow, learn and explore the new you. Below are some suggestions for social activities that are perfect for one.

Use a Meet Me App
There are a number of apps and websites which offer Meet Me services for local groups in your area. You simpy enter your location and interests. You will find that these groups welcome new members and you will have an opportunity to contact some of the group beforehand.

Get Fit
Joining a gym or organised classes such as aerobics or yoga is a great way to get out and meet new people, boost your confidence and get fit and healthy at the same time.

Pamper yourself
Take time out to indulge yourself whether it be a weekly massage, visit to the hairdressers, manicure, facial or even a weekend break at a health farm. Men too can benefit from massage and relaxation therapies such reiki healing or meditation.

Latin and ballroom, salsa, disco, line dancing, tap, jazz.whatever takes your fancy, dance clubs are always on the look out for new people, particularly men who are often in short supply as suitable dance partners. Search online and ask around for local dance classes.

Amateur dramatics
Amateur dramatics societies are always looking for new people and welcome total novices. The important thing is your willingness to give anything a go and if the stage doesn't beckon there is plenty to do behind the, props, costume making, administration etc.

Join a faith group
Go to your local church, mosque, temple or join a choir, spiritual healing group or other faith related activity. Joining a faith or spiritual group is one of the best ways to meet new people and form long lasting friendships.

Evening classes
Whether you are thinking of retraining or simply want to try something new for fun, joining evening classes at your local adult education college is a great way to meet people and form lasting friendships. 

Learn a foreign language
Get some self-teach books and CD Roms or take a few classes to learn a new language. Take a short break to the country of your chosen language to try out your new skill.

Fund-raise for charity
Contact any large charity and they will explain how you can fund raise and participate in events in your local area. Most charities will pay for the cost of the activity as long as you raise the required amount of sponsorship money. Common fund-raising activities include parachute jumping, rally car racing, bungee jumping and abseiling.

Play sport
Try your local sports centre, the Internet, local paper or community notice boards for details of teams looking for participants. If you are not sure what sport is for you ask your local sports centre, tennis courts, bowling green or other sporting facilities for details of forthcoming lessons.

Go to the cinema or theatre
Find details of local cinemas or theatres and go to regular shows, plays or films.

Join a community project
There are restoration projects, environmental clean-ups, voluntary work and community events happening all over the UK. Keep an eye out in the local paper for public meetings or contact details of local groups.

Go to a sporting event
Watch rugby, hockey, football, bowling, cricket.whatever you enjoy. Everyone in the crowd will share your enthusiasm for the same sport or support the same team so you will have plenty in common. Consider getting a season ticket and build up a rapport with the supporters around you.

Learn a musical instrument
Piano, violin, drums, electric guitar, harp.get really good and join a band or orchestra! Alternatively try singing lessons and get involved in concerts or amateur dramatics.

TV or Radio Audience Participation
You can be an audience member of many television and radio shows for free. Simply search online for TV and Radio audience participation and a number of sites will come up through which you can register your details and apply online. Arrive in plenty of time as many audiences are first come, first served and take ID with you. If you become a regular you will get to know the crew and other audience members, particularly for regular radio shows with a niche following.

If you have a strong political persuasion contact your local Party office which should be listed on any main Party website. By joining you should receive regular information about social events and can volunteer to help with canvassing and other tasks during any election period.

Join a singles club
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