Many people leave a relationship with feelings of hurt, mistrust and anger. Such feelings in themselves are perfectly natural and the desire to seek revenge is perhaps understable. In the short term revenge can make you feel a whole lot better, however long term it is unlikely to give you any satisfaction.

If you are considering taking revenge on your ex think through the consequences carefully. People have been known to end up in court for damaging property and where divorce proceedings are involved it is best to try and keep things as amicable as possible.  In extreme cases revenge involves using children to get back at an ex but in the end it is the children that are likely to be the most hurt.

Intense hatred is close to love in emotion and demonstrates that your ex is holding you back. If your feelings are dominating your life to such an extent that you feel the need to take action you are clearly not over them. Perhaps the best revenge then is to let them go, prove that you no longer have any feelings for them and simply get on with the business of living your life.


5 ways to get your own back

Please note that cannot be held responsible for your actions and their consequences!

1. Cut the sleeves of his best shirts

2. Get off with her best mate and brag about how much better she was

3. Tell him you have an STD and send him for a check-up at the GUM clinic

4. Hide tiger prawns in the curtain pole or hide them in the door panel of their car...they will stink after a while and they will never work out where the smell is coming from!