Breaking up with someone you love is one of the hardest things anyone can do in life. You might feel upset, hurt, betrayed, angry, alone, anxious, isolated and sometimes as if you cannot go on without that person. You might also feel physical symptoms such as a knot in the stomach, fast heart beat, tiredness, loss or increase of appetite.

All of these feelings are perfectly normal but the good news is they won't last forever. In the meantime there are lots of things you can do to speed the recovery of your broken heart:

  • Get the tissues, chocolates and photo album out and invite friends over. Have a good sob and get it all out of your system
  • Record your feelings in a a diary, write poetry, paint or express yourself in music
  • Give yourself time and space and remember that it's ok to hurt. These feelings will go - in fact you'll probably look back one day and wonder what you ever saw in them!
  • Get them out of your life, pack anything up you have of theirs and return it to them or watch their photograph burn in an ashtray
  • Do something special that makes you feel good about yourself such as a new hairstyle, makeover, manicure or new outfit. Treat yourself to a pop concert or new CD... you're worth it!
  • Concentrate on school, friends and family - things that really matter in your life
  • Remember how beautiful you are in your own, unique way. If they don't want you it is their loss so don't waste any more emotion on them, get over it
  • Avoid alcohol or drugs to help you because these numb your feelings and it will take longer to get it all out of your system. Also in the long term they will make you feel more depressed
  • Don't rush into another relationship straight away or sleep around. This might boost your confidence short term but you are vulnerable when hurt and don't want to get used. Concentrate on yourself for a while
  • Write a list of ten goals you want to achieve in the next few months. Try things you never have tried before like a new sport or join a club, and set about filling your life with things that make you happy

Top 5 "Get Over It" Activities

1. Exercise, it's a good way to get fit and work off any stress or upset

2. Drama, join a drama group and if you don't feel like getting on stage help backstage - it's a great way to improve self esteem

3. Learn to play a musical instrument, like the piano or trumpet

4. Get a Saturday job in a clothes or music shop, somewhere you can meet other teenagers, get paid and get discounts on nice clothes and good sounds

5. Learn a new skill such as roller skating, skate boarding, dancing, rapping. get friends to teach you or look out for classes