Here are some ways in which you can remember someone special that has died:

  • Write messages to your loved one and tie them to a helium filled balloon (you can buy these from florists or gift shops). Then let it go 
  • Have a memory box or jar. Fill it with photos, letters, personal items and notes of some of your memories 
  • Plant a tree or shrub. Take a cutting from their garden and plant it in a spot they would have liked. When you need some quiet time go and sit under it to think and feel close to them 
  • Throw pebbles into the sea. For each one remember something special that you did together 
  • Gather as a family for their favourite meal and go out and do their favourite activity, have fun just as they would have done if they were with you 
  • Put a scrap book together. Fill it with photographs and ask close friends and family to write messages and memories in it. You could look through this as a family on special days or add messages to it whenever you wish you could talk to them 
  • Raise money for charity. You can choose a charity that was special to them or that helps people who are sick 
  • Write them a poem, song or letter or paint them a picture expressing what you would say to them if they were here 
  • Listen to their favourite CDs or records 
  • Leave a star at Winston's Wish. Click here to do this

On special occasions

  • Light a candle
  • Visit the grave or place where the ashes are scattered. Take flowers, a card, a letter, a painting...
  • At Christmas time put a special decoration on the tree just for them, make it yourself or decorate one that you have already
  • Ask the rest of the family if you can put some time aside during the day when you can share memories and do something special together