For most people a funeral is a way to say goodbye to somebody that has died. However funerals can seem overwhelming with so many people around and people you have never met or haven't seen for a long time.

For this reason you could have your own, personal way of saying goodbye by yourself or with your family and close friends. Here are some ways in which other young people have said goodbye to the people they love:

"I bought a blank book and asked everyone to write a personal message to Mum. I put some photographs of her into it and packed it away in a box with some of her favourite things."

"We wrote messages to Nan and tied them to a balloon. Then we let it go."

"We invited Mum's closest friends around to the house and everyone was given a piece of ribbon to write a message on. We tied them to the tree in the back garden and it looked very pretty covered in all the different colours. Mum would have liked that."

"We always used to take paintings and things we had made at school to Anna's house and she had them all over the walls and fridge. When she dies we took them down and took them to the funeral director who put them into the coffin with her. We wrote our messages on the back for Anna to take with her."

"Dad's favourite food was pizza and he liked taking us to the cinema for a special treat, so we all went to Pizza Hut and had a really big meal. Then we went to the cinema and watched the film that we though Dad would most like to see. We were kind of sad but laughed too because we remembered all the funny times we had so it was kind of fun too - that's what he would have wanted."