How to Mend a Broken Heart

Evereyone suffers from a broken heart from time to time. It's a natural part of life to feel pain along with pleasure - accept that its part of life's rich tapestry and without the pain you wouldn't fully appreciate the great times that life has to offer. Here are our top ten tips for mending a broken heart:

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Coping with Stress

Everyone suffers from stress at some point in their lives and studies have shown that a small amount can be helpful, enabling us to perform better in certain situations. However too much stress can make us feel unable to cope and affect our health in all sorts of ways.

Many factors can trigger stress but the most common are the break-up of a relationship, bereavement, financial difficulties, moving house and issues affecting family or children. If you are at the end of a relationship you may have a combination of these factors to deal with.

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Depression is a serious illness and even more so by the fact that many sufferers do not recognise the symptoms, either assuming that any feelings of sadness will pass or masking any problems with overwork or stimulants such as alcohol or drugs. It is often described as prolonged sadness and can creep up quite unexpectedly. The following is a brief introduction including some of the symptoms and sources of help. However it is essential that if you are feeling low and think you might be depressed you visit your GP.

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Special Occasions

Special occasions can be difficult to deal with following a relationship break-up or bereavement. They may bring back a host of memories, remind you of your loss and in some cases you may have to rethink the plans that you made as a couple. You may also have practical worries, for example knowing what gifts to buy or how to spend your day. There are further tips for buying gifts for children in our Single Parent section under Parenting Issues.

The first anniversary of your marriage or special times together will be difficult, but subsequent ones will get easier and who knows by the next one you may have a new love or have filled your life with meaning beyond a relationship.

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Counselling & Therapy

Friends and family can be a great source of comfort when you are going through a break-up or bereavement, however, sometimes talking to a stranger has its benefits. You can open up in a confidential and safe space  with a non-judgemental professional. The following are common types of therapy that may help you to cope with the process of divorce, separation or bereavement.

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The following links offer advice, information and support including detaiuls of 24/7 helplines for emotional distress

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Help for men who are depressed or suicidal

Child Line
Helpline for children and teenagers who need help or someone to talk to

Cruse Bereavement Care
Information and helpline for people who have suffered a bereavement

Hope Again
Care for young people suffering from bereavement

National Domestic Violence Helpline
24/7 support for women needing help with domestic violence

Mental health advice service

The Samaritans
24/7 support line for anybody feeling suicidal or simply needing someone to talk to

Helpline for anyone coping with mental illness

Support Line
Confidential counselling and a listening ear for anyone needing someone to talk to


Click here for further helpline numbers