Pros and Cons

Whilst it is ideal that children have two parents there is no reason why a single parent cannot bring children up just as well. There are disadvantages and advantages in bringing up children alone:

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Social Activities

Whether you are a single parent or non-resident parent with contact time coping with your children alone during school holidays and weekends can be exhausting. This is why we have compiled a list of links that offer lots of ideas for days out and activities.

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Advice & Support

Being a single parent can be an isolating experience. You may miss having someone to share special moments with such as your child's first smile or a particular achievement at school, or simply that evenings and weekends are lonely when you would otherwise have stayed in or gone out with your partner.

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There are many sources of information regarding childcare and where you begin will depend upon your circumstances - where you live, the ages of your children, financial situation, how flexible your arrangements can be, whether you have a supportive family nearby to help you. Whatever your situation here are just a few places that you could begin: 

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Parenting Issues

How do I help my child with homework?

For your child to manage their homework successfully the most important thing is that they have dedicated time and space to do it. Set aside an hour or two when they arrive home from school and make sure that they have a desk in their room or that space is cleared on the kitchen table. Remove any distractions such as television and make sure they are able to focus on their work.

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Single Parent Links

Contact a Family
Support for families with disabled children

Single parent support network

Support for people suffering abuse or domestic violence

Think You Know
Online safety for childtren and young people

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